• What do I do?

    Making people happy is what I love to do.

    In many different ways.

    But always in cooperation with you!

    You won't regret stepping out of your comfortzone with me.

    How? Let's find out together.

    Just send me an e-mail, text or call me.

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    Looking for entertainment from a different perspective? Here are a few ideasPrices start at €65/hour (minimum of two hours outside Amsterdam). €350 for an afternoon or evening.Special prices for special people at special hours.

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    Host. From the first guest entering until the last guest leaving or just for an hour, I can host your party so you can enjoy it.




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    Stage kitten. Experienced in filling the stage in between performances. Mainly at burlesque shows.




    Send me an email

    Ask for availabilty, meet me (on location or via videocall) to discuss details.



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    Walkaround: Cupid on your Valentine's party, the Easter Bunny at your Easter event, as Christmas Elf or whatever you like: anything is negotiable.




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    As 'security officer' I can intervene at the first sight of trouble, making sure your guests feel secure.



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    Always happy to connect with professionals!


  • "Terrence is a really nice guy to work with. With lots of skills!"


    - Cees Wijdenes, teacher and IT-specialist at SCIP/ACC


    "What I think is a great opening line in the short story 'Rhythm of the Ride' is:

    'I would like a name to go with my fantasies.'"

    -Anouschka Rood, book reviewer at About:Blank


    Terrence is a wonderful and approachable performer who is always happy to help out where needed and provides a joyful and humorous touch to any event he works at. He has a wonderful way with costumes and styling that really adds a special atmosphere he brings with him. I'd be very happy to hire him again!



    Ancilla 'Tilia' van der Leest


    Privacy consultant

    July 8, 2015, Ancilla was Terrence's client